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"Good decisions come from experience..."

"Good decisions come from experience...Experience comes from making bad decisions" ~Mark Twain

Do you make poor decisions? Over and over again possibly? Do you repeat the same behavior and expect things to be different?

Here are some reasons why.

It is hard to change patterns of behavior. Every human being is vulnerable to making a poor decision regardless of intelligence, ethics, or socio-economic status.

People often make poor decisions due to several common biases, including being too optimistic, being unable to make a decision (which ends up being a decision in itself), emotional reasoning (relying solely on feelings not facts), being stuck in the past, distraction, poor problem solving skills and the list goes on....

People make thousands of decisions every single day and this gets tiring for our brains over time. To compensate, our brain can distort our reality, this happens most often when you are anxious or if there's a chance of a big reward.

In these high stakes situations, we often filter out information that goes against what we believe, while seeking info that confirms our original beliefs. This is known as “anchoring.”

However, it’s never too late to learn what contributes to why you make poor choices and to learn how to reduce them in the future. The better you know and understand yourself the easier this becomes.

  • Learn to question your decisions and ask yourself how you are going to feel afterward and think about what the worst case scenario is. Play devil's advocate when trying to decide on something to practice seeing the other side

  • Consult a neutral sounding board you trust

  • Get very clear on your options as you see them

  • Learn to listen to your gut instinct

No one makes good decisions all the time and changing habits can be difficult. If you make a poor decision, learn from it and make a better one next time.

Most decisions are not as impactful to our life and our happiness as we believe in the moment.

~ Laura

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