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What are your strengths?

When I first heard about the concept of strengths, I was young and had low self-esteem. I thought “strengths” were really a BS way for someone to tell me how great I was when in reality I didn't feel it deep down.

Strengths seemed like something my mother could identify about me more than I could….

However, as I got older I came to realize that everyone does in fact have unique strengths, including me. These are things we are naturally good at or drawn to. No matter how weird or “messed up” you think you are, you have strengths and things about you that are actually great and cool. They are part of you being you, these are connected to your personality, attitude and perspective in which you view the world.

It's really easy to compare ourselves to others and see where we lack. To balance this, I often ask my clients what they think their strengths are and most tell me they don't really know. People often don’t recognize their own strengths; our natural inclination is to focus on what we are bad at or where we lack or where we are likely to fail.

When I start working with clients, I asked them questions like these to help them to begin to discover their strengths:

1) Ask others what they love about you, both people you're close to and strangers who can be more objective.

2) What have people always told you that you were good at?

3) What are you happiest doing?

4) What gives you energy?

Some strengths aren’t obvious and early on you may have to work hard to recognize your strengths.

Keep practicing! Knowing your strengths will help build confidence in yourself and maybe even help you find your passion in this world.

Take a look at this graphic for some inspiration. Call us if you need help to recognize your unique strengths.

~ Laura

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