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How do you help yourself manage stress?

Stress and burnout is everywhere, and over time we all know it can lead to anxiety and depression, among other mental and physical health issues. How do you help yourself manage your stress?

Some ideas that our clients find helpful:

  • Find a creative outlet. This could look like singing, dancing, writing poetry or making pottery. Sometimes our problems cannot be solved with hard work or logic, you need to use the right side of your brain - the creative side

  • Laughter. Watch a funny movie or look up a comedian on YouTube. Find someone to laugh with who shares your sense of humor

  • Move your body in any way you can

  • Deep breathing

  • Get outside, even if just for a short time

  • Journaling. Get it out of your head and on paper, I have a "stress journal"

  • Listen to music

  • Consider what stressors you can eliminate and cut them out (aka: setting boundaries and taking back control over your day where possible)

  • Express gratitude for some small things. This forces you to shift your perspective on the day

Most people have some idea how to help themselves; they just don’t always make it a regular practice because there often seems something more pressing.

They seem to think about doing something good but then convince themselves it won’t help in the moment or that they don’t have time or that someone/something else needs them more. Your wellness comes first.

Making time for you isn’t selfish or a luxury, it is a necessity for your entire well-being.

Learn what triggers you to feel stressed, there is probably a pattern, and see it as an SOS from your body that you need to use some strategies to make yourself feel better.

~ Laura

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