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Who are you before you became who the world told you to be?

I’ve recently shared on fb my views on Glennon Doyle’s new book, Untamed. I read it this spring and reflected on which of my beliefs are truly my own.

She explains in the book that much of what we believe is told to us, that many of our ideas are not original. We've received messaging our whole lives from our culture (friends, family, media, school etc.) that tell us how to feel and how to act. Glennon feels she learned how to please others at a young age and consequently ignored her own instincts.

Is this true for you?

We're told we should only feel certain feelings and act in socially acceptable ways, we're “caged” by these unwritten rules, she explains. I've often talked with clients about these “rules” we have for ourselves and our lives and how we need to examine and just question if they are serving us as they often come up in therapy.

Both Glennon and I agree we have a wisdom within us, when we're facing uncertainty we need to look inwards as that's where the answers for ourselves lie. We must go through a process of “unlearning” such beliefs to find out what we really need and learn to trust ourselves again.

I hope everyone has the courage to go through this process of finding out who you actually are instead of who you feel you're supposed to be. Hard feelings often leads to beautiful discoveries. If you need help, a therapist can be a great compliment to guide you through these things!

~ Laura

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