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First Responder Mental Health

We recognize the hard work you put into care for others...let us help you take care of yourself too.


Get relief from your anxiety, stress, overwhelm, dread, mood swings and so much more: book a virtual or in-person one-on-one counselling session. We are here for you.

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Book a one-on-one

Counselling Session​

To book an appointment

CALL US (506) 651-1239 

Flexible appointments

to accommodate

those working shift work.


You can also

First responders & front line workers understand each other. You get it. You face the same stress and trauma in daily life.


Join Dave, and your peers in a casual, informal setting - just to talk.  Just simple peer-to-peer support that's here for you every Wednesday night from 6-8pm, and it could help more than you might think.

No Pre-Registration. No Commitment. No Fee.


This is not a counseling group, there is no therapy component or therapist present. It's an informal place to be with other people who have similar stressors.

For any questions please call 

Dave Grady 506 898-2723

or just drop in.

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If you are a veteran, active member of CAF, fire, police, paramedic, corrections officer or a health care provider, this is for you!


This is an amazing group of amazing humans that support each other through hard times. If you feel worried, anxious or that you would like to go with someone PM me, I’ll be attending!

- Patrick Gordon

(First Responder Peer-to-Peer Group Attendee)

Encouragement from Patrick...

As a first responder, you deserve healing from your experiences and mental wellness - you should be able to thrive in the profession you've dedicated your life too, and even risked your life for.

We know that first responders, front line health care workers and essential service workers are human, and are greatly impacted by the stress during the pandemic.


You are keeping other people alive and have fears around your own health and the health of your family. You don't want to burden your family with your fears and worries.

Talk to us.


We can give you the help you need.


First Responders...

We see you.

We have a passion for improving the mental health of first responders and removing the barriers and stigma that go along with seeking mental health support. 

First responders, dispatchers, military members, medical professionals, correctional officers: Do you think your job has negatively affected your life in any way? Your health, relationships, outlook on life, quality of life? If you answered yes, know that we've got a safe space for you here.

Dreading going to work? Feeling overwhelmed? Feeling stressed? Relationships strained? Want to improve your mood and control your anger?

Behind the badge, there is you. A human who struggles, because ALL humans struggle sometimes.


Let us help. We can help you...


  • make sense of your experiences

  • reduce emotional reactivity to painful memories. 

  • increase understanding of PTSD symptoms and how to manage them

  • improve your quality of life

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