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Helping First Responders Save Their Own Lives   Even Heros Need Support

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First Responders... We see you


First responders, dispatchers, military members, medical professionals, correctional officers:

Do you think your job has negatively affected

your life in any way?

Your health, relationships, outlook on life, quality of life? 


If you answered yes, know that we've got a safe space for you here.

  • Dreading going to work?

  • Feeling overwhelmed?

  • Feeling stressed?

  • Relationships strained?

  • Want to improve your mood and control your anger?

Our Group Counselling Sessions provide a supportive environment where you can feel a sense of relief. Let us help you...


  • make sense of your experiences

  • reduce emotional reactivity to painful memories. 

  • increase understanding of PTSD symptoms and how to manage them

  • improve your quality of life

Register for

Group Sessions



(506) 651-1239

Starts Feb 4 / Thursdays 2-4pm

$100 all 8 weeks

Join us for a special 8-week session with your peers starting this February.


Feel supported and understood while we discuss tools to cope and build resilience against the traumatic experiences you face on the job and the stress you feel at home trying to balance the two.

The program we've developed is inclusive (it's the same group of people for the entire 8 week session), doesn’t require a diagnosis to attend and may be covered by insurance.

First responders helping first responders just makes sense...that's why we're running this group session again.

It's hope & healing through connection, support and understanding.

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